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Looking for construction and development finance services in Oakleigh?

Look no further than Mint Financial Solutions. We offer straightforward accounting, taxation, and bookkeeping services that will you make smart decisions with your money. We are experts in our field, and take the time to understand your needs, constraints, and values so you can achieve financial security.

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Construction and Development Loan Services in Oakleigh

Mint Finance Solutions has shown over and over that it can quickly find construction loans and development loans from alternative funding sources for projects all over the country. Construction and development loans from Mint Finance Solutions are quick, flexible, well-structured, and give their clients good business results.

Realise your business’s growth potential

Businesses that are growing quickly often need to quickly upgrade their buildings or buy new commercial property so they can keep running, or they need money quickly to take advantage of a rare opportunity.

We give businesses in Melbourne the best options for commercial financing and loans for growing businesses. We will work with you to find a loan plan that you can afford, giving you expert advice and moving quickly to help you reach your full growth potential.

Financing To Suit You

No matter how big or small your project is, you need construction financing and construction loans for it to go well. Mint Financial gives property developers access to a number of different ways to get money.

Our Construction and Development Loans include:

  • No Pre-Sales Finance
  • Landbank Funding
  • Joint Venture Funding
  • Mezzanine Funding
  • Preferential Equity
  • Residual Development Stock Loans
  • Foreign Buyer Funding to Assist With Pre-Sales


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Streamlined from Building to Selling

We recognise that the sooner a development project is finished, the sooner assets can be sold and profit realised. Our property development financing advisors will work with you to completely understand your transaction need, then customise a loan to complete or advance your development project.

Bridging Finance: Flexibility when you need it

We know there's sometimes a gap between buying and selling assets. Bridging finance can let you buy a new investment before selling existing assets or receiving financing.

We offer flexible bridging finance alternatives. You won't miss an expansion opportunity or be compelled to sell your assets quickly.

Construction Finance

Construction Finance is a popular option for our clients with Australia's main banks. Our construction finance experts look into non-traditional funding sources for better gearing ratios and conditions.

GRV Finance is a popular finance option. Gross Realization Finance routinely outperforms large banks. Developers that want more borrowing power, easier pre-sale approval criteria, or no pre-sale conditions pick this product. Our clients encounter reduced red tape with the GRV lending facility and application procedure. Developers may launch their project with minimum marketing expenditures and delays.

Investing in property

  • There are many compelling reasons to invest in property. If you’ve done it before you’re already aware of the many benefits, but if you’re not experienced we’ll briefly explain some of the top line advantages.
  • Negative gearing your investment property?
  • What about capital growth?
  • Rental income returns?
  • How can you use equity of your existing property?

Business Loans

There's a reason Mint Financial is on of Melbourne's trusted mortgage brokerages. Finding the correct financing for your commercial investment or business is difficult, time-consuming, and perplexing. You'll almost certainly be asked to jump through more hoops. We'll connect you with commercial and business loan options from Australia's most reputable lenders.

Construction And Development Finance

Mint Financial Solutions specialises in residential, commercial, and industrial construction financing. Our network of lenders has a loan to meet your needs, from home improvements to multi-unit property development. Owner builders can also be accommodated.

Commercial property finance How can Mint Financial Help You?

Mint Financial Solutions has a large number of financing options from a wide range of commercial lenders to help property investors and owners get the best prices and terms.

Development and construction finance

If you are looking to build your new home rather than buy an existing property, you need a different type of home loan known as a construction loan. A construction loan can also suit you if you are making major renovations to your existing home or to a property you have bought but which needs a bit, or a lot, of work before you call it home.

Draw down funds in stages as your new home is being built

  • Features designed specifically to fund the building of your new home
  • Loan funds are advanced progressively as your builder completes pre-agreed construction stages
  • You could save money, since interest is payable only on the amount advanced under the loan
  • We’ll help you establish a schedule of progress payments and assist you in identifying your building expenses so payments are made to the builder after each stage of the building has been inspected and verified.

Obtaining Development Funding has become increasingly difficult since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).

Mint Financial Solutions has various options for Development Funding to suit most scenarios. Whether you have 100% pre sales, or no pre-sales, we understand the importance of tailoring each funding structure on a project by project basis. Banks have ‘tightened the screws’ on development funding although they are still the cheapest option in terms of rate and fees. An outline of the general requirements for this type of funding is:

  • LVR of 65% of GRV (exc GST) OR 80% of cost (the lesser of)
  • Generally require 100% debt coverage in Pre Sales.
  • Full Financials of the Developer
  • Developer needs extensive experience in the industry

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Nash Nwz
Nash Nwz
09:31 20 May 22
Hishan and team were great to deal with. They provided us with a thorough review of our options and got us the best deal for our situation making the whole process simple and easy. I highly recommend their services.
Anne Gartshore
Anne Gartshore
01:08 25 Mar 22
We have been dealing with Hishan and his team for over a year now with our superannuation and planning advice. Very happy with the path that they recommended to us and the performance in the past year, especially during such a trying time globally. Would not hesitate to recommend.
Babak Bozorgy
Babak Bozorgy
21:09 12 Oct 21
Professional service, friendly and quick to respond. Highly recommended!Thanks guys, keep up the good work!
Tom Sharp
Tom Sharp
05:06 07 Oct 21
A million thanks to Mint Financial Solutions in resolving the issues withCentrelink having cancelled the Age Pension Payment and Benefits for over 15+ weeks, actually last payment was early June. Next Payment received 4th October due to the professionalism at Mint Financial Solutions. Thanks to the Team at MFS from Rhonda & Tom Sharp : it good to know that MFS know how to do it better than any.
Mike oppedisano
Mike oppedisano
07:07 21 Aug 21
We have been clients of Mint Financial Solutions for the last twelve months; The team is very professional and friendly in their approach to us the customer, with lots of knowledge and experience. They helped us make an informed decision with our investment. At that time, we were not sure what we were going to do with our money.The plan laid out by Hishan and his team clearly set goals and rewards. These have been proven and very beneficial over the last twelve months. The growth was even more than what was predicted.We are especially happy with Hishan, Marlon and the rest of the Mint Financial Solutions team and very grateful for their help. More people should be made aware of the expertise and assistance they could provide.
Wolfgang Doehnert
Wolfgang Doehnert
03:51 18 Aug 21
In the 12 months this Company was engaged to continue as our financial advisors we have been extremely satisfied with their performance financially and in quality of service. Our unusual needs and fast response was met. The team and I say team because if someone is away there has always been another person to actively respond in a timely manner. Well done to the frontline staff and in particular, the back office staff, for their help and support during these COVID times.
Nishan Joseph
Nishan Joseph
01:16 22 Apr 21
I have been using the services of Mint Financial Solutions since its inception, and I am truly grateful and appreciative of the professionalism and care they take when recommending services to me, only providing what is reasonable and relevant to my situation and circumstances. A key stand out on the team is Crystal Nguyen who has been helping me over the last few years in order to get approved for a refinance application. Her patience, dedication and level of professionalism is beyond remarkable, I am extremely appreciative of the hard work she has put in for my case, despite many setbacks we finally got there in the end. Thank you very much Crystal.
Kaye Baynes
Kaye Baynes
07:38 10 Mar 21
Hishan and his team have always given the best service and advice always available and nothing is to much trouble .
Ramesh Navaratne
Ramesh Navaratne
22:55 27 Jan 20
I started a conversation with Marlon at Mint Financial services over 8 years back and since then he had assisted me in many insurance related and investment related transitions. The advice and the systems put in place by Marlon and the team came in handy when about two years back I had a health and financial issue in the family. Am I glad that he prepared me and gave me the correct advice at that time and if not for Marlon and the team I cannot imagine the sate of my family given commercial stability defines all other day to day problems that you need to deal with. Wish the team all the best and can recommend them highly of the professionalism and excellent service.
Sherone Algama
Sherone Algama
12:50 22 Jan 20
I have received invaluable financial advise and tailored solutions over the past two years from Marlon De Kauwe; and would like to commend on the professionalism & dedicated service i was provided with; which indeed was value for money.Thanks Marlon.Prasad Algama
Shabnam Bozorgi
Shabnam Bozorgi
21:29 09 Oct 19
I have been using their service for years now, their team have manages my tax and home loan, very professional and committed, I couldn't ask for more, always responsive, and can handle complicated cases very well.
Imran Wahid
Imran Wahid
05:57 20 Sep 19
The best place to get financial advice,I am really satisfied with services.I got all from tax return to super annaution and investment all in one office.
Saliya Gunawardena
Saliya Gunawardena
20:27 03 Apr 19
Hishan and the team at Mint Financial Solutions have been amazing to deal with. They helped me refinance and obtain a very competitive interest rate on my mortgages. I highly recommend Mint Financial Solutions, they are professional, committed and can get you the right outcome you seek!
Brent Germain
Brent Germain
05:19 02 Apr 19
Hishan and The Team at Mint Financial Solutions have been brilliant, helping me every step of the way (and keeping me in the loop) in obtaining a homeloan to build my dream home. Very happy with the high level of service and professionalism shown!
Nigel Sewera
Nigel Sewera
03:43 26 Mar 19
Hishan and his team have given me great guidance and honest advice with all Financial matters, most recently with all the help and support they provided with my mortgage.Mint Financial Solutions are always extremely professional and reliable and provide great customer service. I highly recommend them
neela unadkat
neela unadkat
08:18 25 Mar 19
I am a retired banking officer and I have found Hishan Naufal and his team to be extremely efficient prompt and thorough. Very useful and grateful to him and all his team for all the guidance and advise we have been given . They are very upfront and fair with their advise . My whole family seek his expertise and I have recommended Hishan and his company to many of my friends and colleagues who have been grateful for recommending him.Well done Mint financial Solutions keep up the good work 👏😊
Steve P
Steve P
23:42 31 Jan 19
I have had the pleasure of engaging Patrick to assist me in a number of complicated financial matters. He is punctual, efficient and above all else provides excellent service, which has helped me secure my financial future and saved me stress and from a financial standpoint. Give him a call as he is great value.
Avelyn Miranda
Avelyn Miranda
05:18 17 Aug 18
Hishan and his team were excellent from start to finish with my recent property purchase. Mint Financial Solutions have been my financial planners for the last 4 years and I highly recommend them for service and cost.
Don Australia
Don Australia
00:24 06 Jul 18
Thank you Hishan for your never ending support the past 2 yrs. Very talented team and extremely fair rates. These guys are definately the go to for any brokering or mortgage needs.
Amal S.Z.
Amal S.Z.
02:32 05 Jul 18
One of the most trust worthy and competent financial adviser I have ever come across. Can always trust Hishan and his team to give sound and honest guidance in all financial matters. Thank you!
Three13 Group
Three13 Group
02:22 05 Jul 18
Thanks Hishan for assisting us with the restructure and land settlement. Good to have a great business partner to count on when the time calls for it.
Ali Kazemi
Ali Kazemi
02:20 05 Jul 18
Hishan and his finance brokerage team have helped me get a mortgage for a property most thought would be too complex to do (using different legal structures). Competent and highly responsive team!
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Mint Financial Solutions FAQ

What is the meaning of development finance?
Development finance can be broadly defined as the use of public sector resources to facilitate private sector investment in low- and middle-income countries where the commercial or political risks are too high to attract purely private capital, and where the investment is expected to have a positive developmental impact on the host country.
What are the sources of finance for development?
New and growing sources of finance have emerged or become more prominent: from foreign, portfolio and institutional investors; migrant workers' remittances; philanthropic institutions; to emerging and re-emerging donors.
How does building finance work?
Basically, a construction loan helps you pay for your build progressively, as and when you need funds. Once the build is complete, your loan then reverts to a regular home loan. Say the cost of building your new home is going to be $600,000, and you're currently paying an existing mortage on your old house of $350,000.
What is property development loan?
Property development finance is a loan that can help you fund construction of more than one property on one title. Most banks and lenders split property development into two parts, and both can have very different approval processes, fees and charges, interest rates and risk assessments. 
What is the importance of development finance?
Development finance is often granted to experienced builders and developers so that they can raise the capital to turn their building ideas into a commercial reality. Specialist development finance lenders will take the future value of the property into consideration when agreeing a loan.

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