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Business Insurance Advice & Services Oakleigh

Running a business can be risky, and the last thing you want is for a sudden disaster to hurt your ability to make a living. Make sure you have business insurance that fits your needs. No matter what your needs are, we're happy to talk with you about them and find a package that gives you the right amount of protection at the right price. We can help you with a variety of business insurance needs.

Public Liability Insurance

By purchasing public liability insurance, you can safeguard both your personal finances and the financial future of your company from lawsuits alleging that you were careless in some way, causing injury to another person or damaging their property.

Professional Indemnity


You take a number of precautions to keep yourself safe while you're working as a tradesperson. Remember to take precautions to safeguard your company as well. Our Business Insurance provides the protections need to do precisely that.


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Business Interruption Insurance

Due to inactivity, the time it takes to get back on your feet after an insured event can cost you money. This loss can be covered with the right kind of business insurance. Business Interruption Insurance usually protects you against certain events and is meant to pay you back for gross income losses caused by your business being inactive while it is getting back on its feet after a loss.

Most insurance for business interruption covers losses caused by damage to property and plant. So your property and business interruption cover works with your property and plant cover. When it's possible, your insurance should cover loss-minimization steps like temporary buildings and equipment.


Are you a doctor, lawyer, accountant, architect, real estate agent, or some other kind of professional? We can protect you or your business with our a range of Business Insurance options that take all your personal circumstances into account.

Commercial Property

Coverage for unintentional damage caused by unexpected insured catastrophes, such as a fire, storm, or vandalism, can protect your retail or office property as well as its contents and goods from being ruined.


You take pride in brewing delicious coffee and preparing delectable dishes for your family and friends. Your company can be safeguarded with our comprehensive business insurance coverage.


Do you sell products or services to the general public? Our Business Insurance provides the coverage necessary to safeguard your company.

Health & medical services

Do you work as a physician, a veterinarian, a dietitian, an osteopath, or do you provide another form of health or medical service? Your company can be safeguarded with our comprehensive business insurance coverage.

Buy Sell insurance

What would happen to your company's ownership if one of your business partners became incompetent, got a serious or terminal illness, or died unexpectedly? Would the remaining owners be able to afford to buy out the portion in the business being sold by the departing owner? And how much should be paid to the owner who is selling their home or estate?

Buy-sell insurance, in conjunction with a formal agreement outlining the transfer of control and ownership of the firm, can safeguard all business owners by providing the necessary monies to buy out an owner's part in the business in the event of disability, a specified trauma, or death. The agreement also specifies how power and ownership will be transferred. This insurance and transfer agreement is referred to as a Buy Sell agreement, sometimes known as a Buy Sell arrangement.

Business Interruption

If an unanticipated insured occurrence, such as a weather event or fire, forces you to close your business premise, this type of insurance will compensate you for missed income, profits, or turnover.


Protect your storefront by purchasing insurance that will pay for any unintentional damage that occurs to the glass at your location, as well as any costs associated with temporary security measures that are necessary to keep your company secure while the glass is being repaired or replaced.


Coverage for losses incurred as a result of the theft of property insured from your commercial premises, such as your inventory or your equipment.

Electronic Equipment

The cost of repairing or replacing any electronic equipment at your place of business, such as computers, in the event that it breaks down is covered by this policy.


This policy will pay to replace any cash that was taken from your place of business while it was open for business, outside of business hours, while it was locked in a safe or strongroom, while it was in transit, or while it was in your care at a private house.

Cyber Insurance

A good cyber insurance policy from Mint Financial will protect your business from all types of cyber crime. This insurance policy can cover more than just the obvious risks of loss or theft. It can also cover:

  • Extortion: Some policies will cover you if you have to pay a ransom to get rid of a threat.
  • Remedial system engineering: A data breach can throw a business network into chaos, and it can be expensive to put it back together again. These costs must be covered by a good cyber crime policy.
  • Intellectual property indemnity protects you from the costs of defending yourself against claims from third parties that you used multimedia content in a way that violated their intellectual property rights.
  • Business interruption: paying for losses caused by a breach and while the network is being fixed and put back into service.
  • Cost of regulatory action: Depending on the type of breach, a data regulator may look into it, which can cost the business a lot of money. This is a risk that can be covered.

Key person Insurance

Typically, the greatest asset to a business is the intellectual capital and personal effort by key people. Key person insurance is an asset protection for your business, recognising that the continued contribution of key people is critical to the long term success of any business.

Benefits are:

  • Repays debts to preserve the business assets. If your business has a bank loan, or if a mortgage on your home is funding the business then this type of insurance may be necessary.
  • Protects the owner’s personal interests.
  • Frees up cash flow for the business.
  • Maintains its credit standing if a business owner or a loan guarantor dies or is disabled.

Key person – Revenue protection

Almost every business has the computer, copier and car insured. Yet it’s important to recognise that these are not the most valuable asset to your business. Often, it is the contribution of key individuals which plays the greatest significance in generating business revenue.

Key person Revenue Protection can assist in:

  • Compensating for the loss of business revenue.
  • Pays the cost of finding and hiring a suitable replacement person.
  • Protects the business profits.
  • Maintains the value of the business as a going concern.
  • Will this be enough? We think you need 65% of your pre-retirement income to retire comfortably. The best place to start is to ask 'How much do I need?
  • The next step is to use our AMP super simulator to see how you're tracking and determine what strategies you can use to reach your goals.

Things to consider include:

  • Who is missed most when on holiday?
  • Would the business miss their contribution if sick or disabled? How long would it take to replace them, how could that be funded?

Methods of Calculating Keyperson Revenue Cover

Method 1: 3 – 5 times the Key person’s Salary + Cost of finding, hiring, training and replacing the Keyperon = Maximum Insurable Amount

Method 2: Annual profit or revenue contributed by the Keyperson (maximum 3 times for revenue or 5 times for profit) + Cost of finding, hiring, training and replacing the Keyperson = Maximum Insurable Amount

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Nash Nwz
Nash Nwz
09:31 20 May 22
Hishan and team were great to deal with. They provided us with a thorough review of our options and got us the best deal for our situation making the whole process simple and easy. I highly recommend their services.
Anne Gartshore
Anne Gartshore
01:08 25 Mar 22
We have been dealing with Hishan and his team for over a year now with our superannuation and planning advice. Very happy with the path that they recommended to us and the performance in the past year, especially during such a trying time globally. Would not hesitate to recommend.
Babak Bozorgy
Babak Bozorgy
21:09 12 Oct 21
Professional service, friendly and quick to respond. Highly recommended!Thanks guys, keep up the good work!
Tom Sharp
Tom Sharp
05:06 07 Oct 21
A million thanks to Mint Financial Solutions in resolving the issues withCentrelink having cancelled the Age Pension Payment and Benefits for over 15+ weeks, actually last payment was early June. Next Payment received 4th October due to the professionalism at Mint Financial Solutions. Thanks to the Team at MFS from Rhonda & Tom Sharp : it good to know that MFS know how to do it better than any.
Mike oppedisano
Mike oppedisano
07:07 21 Aug 21
We have been clients of Mint Financial Solutions for the last twelve months; The team is very professional and friendly in their approach to us the customer, with lots of knowledge and experience. They helped us make an informed decision with our investment. At that time, we were not sure what we were going to do with our money.The plan laid out by Hishan and his team clearly set goals and rewards. These have been proven and very beneficial over the last twelve months. The growth was even more than what was predicted.We are especially happy with Hishan, Marlon and the rest of the Mint Financial Solutions team and very grateful for their help. More people should be made aware of the expertise and assistance they could provide.
Wolfgang Doehnert
Wolfgang Doehnert
03:51 18 Aug 21
In the 12 months this Company was engaged to continue as our financial advisors we have been extremely satisfied with their performance financially and in quality of service. Our unusual needs and fast response was met. The team and I say team because if someone is away there has always been another person to actively respond in a timely manner. Well done to the frontline staff and in particular, the back office staff, for their help and support during these COVID times.
Nishan Joseph
Nishan Joseph
01:16 22 Apr 21
I have been using the services of Mint Financial Solutions since its inception, and I am truly grateful and appreciative of the professionalism and care they take when recommending services to me, only providing what is reasonable and relevant to my situation and circumstances. A key stand out on the team is Crystal Nguyen who has been helping me over the last few years in order to get approved for a refinance application. Her patience, dedication and level of professionalism is beyond remarkable, I am extremely appreciative of the hard work she has put in for my case, despite many setbacks we finally got there in the end. Thank you very much Crystal.
Kaye Baynes
Kaye Baynes
07:38 10 Mar 21
Hishan and his team have always given the best service and advice always available and nothing is to much trouble .
Ramesh Navaratne
Ramesh Navaratne
22:55 27 Jan 20
I started a conversation with Marlon at Mint Financial services over 8 years back and since then he had assisted me in many insurance related and investment related transitions. The advice and the systems put in place by Marlon and the team came in handy when about two years back I had a health and financial issue in the family. Am I glad that he prepared me and gave me the correct advice at that time and if not for Marlon and the team I cannot imagine the sate of my family given commercial stability defines all other day to day problems that you need to deal with. Wish the team all the best and can recommend them highly of the professionalism and excellent service.
Sherone Algama
Sherone Algama
12:50 22 Jan 20
I have received invaluable financial advise and tailored solutions over the past two years from Marlon De Kauwe; and would like to commend on the professionalism & dedicated service i was provided with; which indeed was value for money.Thanks Marlon.Prasad Algama
Shabnam Bozorgi
Shabnam Bozorgi
21:29 09 Oct 19
I have been using their service for years now, their team have manages my tax and home loan, very professional and committed, I couldn't ask for more, always responsive, and can handle complicated cases very well.
Imran Wahid
Imran Wahid
05:57 20 Sep 19
The best place to get financial advice,I am really satisfied with services.I got all from tax return to super annaution and investment all in one office.
Saliya Gunawardena
Saliya Gunawardena
20:27 03 Apr 19
Hishan and the team at Mint Financial Solutions have been amazing to deal with. They helped me refinance and obtain a very competitive interest rate on my mortgages. I highly recommend Mint Financial Solutions, they are professional, committed and can get you the right outcome you seek!
Brent Germain
Brent Germain
05:19 02 Apr 19
Hishan and The Team at Mint Financial Solutions have been brilliant, helping me every step of the way (and keeping me in the loop) in obtaining a homeloan to build my dream home. Very happy with the high level of service and professionalism shown!
Nigel Sewera
Nigel Sewera
03:43 26 Mar 19
Hishan and his team have given me great guidance and honest advice with all Financial matters, most recently with all the help and support they provided with my mortgage.Mint Financial Solutions are always extremely professional and reliable and provide great customer service. I highly recommend them
neela unadkat
neela unadkat
08:18 25 Mar 19
I am a retired banking officer and I have found Hishan Naufal and his team to be extremely efficient prompt and thorough. Very useful and grateful to him and all his team for all the guidance and advise we have been given . They are very upfront and fair with their advise . My whole family seek his expertise and I have recommended Hishan and his company to many of my friends and colleagues who have been grateful for recommending him.Well done Mint financial Solutions keep up the good work 👏😊
Steve P
Steve P
23:42 31 Jan 19
I have had the pleasure of engaging Patrick to assist me in a number of complicated financial matters. He is punctual, efficient and above all else provides excellent service, which has helped me secure my financial future and saved me stress and from a financial standpoint. Give him a call as he is great value.
Avelyn Miranda
Avelyn Miranda
05:18 17 Aug 18
Hishan and his team were excellent from start to finish with my recent property purchase. Mint Financial Solutions have been my financial planners for the last 4 years and I highly recommend them for service and cost.
Don Australia
Don Australia
00:24 06 Jul 18
Thank you Hishan for your never ending support the past 2 yrs. Very talented team and extremely fair rates. These guys are definately the go to for any brokering or mortgage needs.
Amal S.Z.
Amal S.Z.
02:32 05 Jul 18
One of the most trust worthy and competent financial adviser I have ever come across. Can always trust Hishan and his team to give sound and honest guidance in all financial matters. Thank you!
Three13 Group
Three13 Group
02:22 05 Jul 18
Thanks Hishan for assisting us with the restructure and land settlement. Good to have a great business partner to count on when the time calls for it.
Ali Kazemi
Ali Kazemi
02:20 05 Jul 18
Hishan and his finance brokerage team have helped me get a mortgage for a property most thought would be too complex to do (using different legal structures). Competent and highly responsive team!
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Mint Financial Solutions FAQ

What insurance is most important for a business?
General liability insurance, also known as business or commercial liability insurance, is essential coverage for various claims, including bodily injury, property damage, personal or advertising injury, medical payments, products-completed operations, and damages to premises rented to you.
What is included in Business Insurance?
Many business insurance policies include basic coverages such as property, liability, crime and commercial auto insurance, as well as other optional insurance, such as business interruption insurance, equipment breakdown insurance, cyber insurance, and workers compensation.
What is the purpose of business insurance?
As a business owner, your company faces different risks every day. The purpose of insurance is to help protect your business from these risks. Business insurance helps protect your business' financial assets, intellectual and physical property from: Lawsuits.
What can business insurance do to help a business?
Business insurance can help pay the costs of property damage, lawsuits, lost business income, and other covered losses. To help protect against specific risks unique to their situation, businesses often buy multiple coverages and combine several in one policy.

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